<h2>Kontonika Theodora</h2><p>Notary</p> <h2>Real Estate Agents, Parent Services</h2><p>Responsibility, Reliability, Consistency</p> <h2>Contractual Contracts, Powers of Attorney</h2><p>Experience and expertise in all kinds of notarial affairs</p>
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Notary Amfilochia - Kontorika Theodora - Wills Amfilochia - Heritage

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We advise our customers when they want to conclude agreements on family, real estate, commercial


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Διαθήκες, Αποδοχή κληρονομίας, Πράξεις Κατάθεσης Όρων Διαγωνισμών, Διενέργεια Κληρώσεων Διαγωνισμών


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For whatever you need, you can contact the office to get detailed information about your cases.

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The notary KONTONIKA THEODORA maintains an office in the area of ​​Amfilochia, 35, Chavini Street.
She has extensive experience and expertise in all kinds of notarial affairs and provides comprehensive notarial services
and legal advice aimed at ensuring the validity and legal protection of the activities of his clients.